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Yellow DOT Program


Link to Tennessee Yellow DOT Public law
(HB 2296 assigned to Public Chapter number 804)


The Tennessee Yellow DOT Program is designed to provide first responders with an individual’s medical information in the event of an emergency on Tennessee’s roadways.  The information can mean the difference between “life and death” in the “Golden Hour” immediately following a serious incident.

Participants in the program will receive a Yellow DOT decal, a Yellow DOT folder, and a medical information sheet; a personalized photo will be taken and placed on the sheet.  The participant will complete the medical information sheet which consists of their emergency contact information, medical information, recent surgeries, hospital preferences, current medications, insurance and physicians’ information.  This information will be the sole responsibility of the participant and should remain in the glove compartment inside the yellow folder provided.


The Yellow DOT decal will be placed on the driver’s side rear window of their vehicle.


Enrollment sites are being setup across the state.
Click here or the link below for the locations of these sites.


Welcome to the Tennessee Yellow DOT Program (PowerPoint Slide)


Yellow DOT Brochure (pdf)


Medical Information Form


Program Enrollment Sites


Yellow DOT Frequently Asked Questions


For additional information, contact