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321 East Parkway (US 321, State Route 73) - Frenquently Asked Questions

What are context sensitive solutions?

What opportunities are there for me to participate in this project?

How are you planning to use my input?

Links to find out more about CSS

What Are Context Sensitive Solutions?

Context Sensitive Solutions, often called Context Sensitive Design or CSS/D, may be defined as a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that considers the total context of a project. It is a process that involves all stakeholders to develop a facility that fits its physical setting while preserving scenic, aesthetic, historic, and environmental resources. It is a method that allows us to maintain our established safety standards, and to provide desired mobility.

Key Principals of CSS include:

  •  Seek public (stakeholder) input early and often
  •  Incorporate aesthetics as an integral part of design
  •  Balance safety, mobility, community, and environmental concerns
  •  Apply the flexibility inherent within national design standards
  •  Use an interdisciplinary team tailored to meet the specific needs of the project

What Opportunities Are There For Me To Participate In This Project?

The process of Context Sensitive Solutions calls for continuous two-way communication with the public. It is designed to provide the project team with a set of community issues, attitudes and values.
A Community Based Resource Team (CBRT) has been appointed for this project. The CBRT members are “representatives” of the public and represent a cross-section of the community where the project is located. The members of that team may be contacted as listed in the “Project Contacts’ section of this website.
Two Public Workshops and one Public Hearing are planned for this project. To find out more information about these meetings, click here.

How Are You Planning To Use My Input?

Dialogue with the community will continue throughout the project through the CBRT, and by direct communication with community members at the public meetings. Citizen input will be used to develop an understanding of community concerns and values, and to shape project goals and outcomes.

Links To Find Out More About CSS:

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