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US 127 North - Cumberland and Fentress Counties

Project Library

US127 Citizens Resource Team Recommendations (PDF)
Clarkrange Working Group Team Recommendations (PDF)
TDOT Announces Decision on US127 North Project (PDF)
TDOT Announces US 127 North Plan June 5, 2006
TDOT Announces Decision on U.S. 127 North of Crossville October 24, 2003 (PDF)

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

Executive Summary Final Environmental Impact Statement (PDF 2.65 MB)
Chapter 1 Purpose and Need (PDF 1.72 MB)
Chapter 2 Development of Alternatives (PDF 2.45 MB)
Chapter 3 Affected Environment (PDF 6.72 MB)
Chapter 4 Indirect and Cumulative Impacts (PDF 120 KB)
Chapter 5 Public Input and Agency Coordination (PDF 563 KB)
Chapter 6 Other Things to Consider (PDF 52.0 KB)
Chapter 7 Comparison of Alternatives (PDF 3.75 MB)
Chapter 8 List of Preparers (PDF 56 KB)
Chapter 9 List of EIS Recipients (PDF 32 KB)
Chapter 10 Resources (PDF 56 KB)