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TDOT Project Tours

Photos of TDOT on TourFor the last two years, the TDOT Regional Projects Tours provided a wonderful opportunity for TDOT staff to meet and engage with local partners, and discuss transportation issues facing communities.
We want to continue that dialogue in 2013. This year TDOT will be holding Regional Summits across the state to share information about the official update to TDOT’s Long Range Plan. The Long Range Plan will provide a roadmap for TDOT and our local partners, detailing transportation goals for the next 25 years.

Video Transcript (pdf)

"Not only do these tours give us an opportunity to see some of the major investments we are making across the state, it is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our partnerships with local communities," said Commissioner Schroer. "Most often, local officials have to travel to Nashville. This is our chance to get a first-hand look at the transportation issues they are facing and engage the public along the way."

John Schroer, Commissioner
Tennessee Department of Transportation

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