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About the Study

Transit is critical to Tennessee’s future. As Tennessee grows and changes, the role of transit becomes increasingly important. Economic growth and an expanding population are bringing challenges that include transportation-related obstacles:

  • Traffic congestion increases
  • Building highways costs more in environmental and financial terms
  • The number of transit-dependent citizens increases because they can’t afford to own or operate a car
  • Zoning, development and land use decisions raise the prospect of more sprawl and adverse impacts on the environment.

By 2025, TDOT hopes to double the number of transit users in the State. TDOT’s first step toward achieving this goal is underway. The Department is studying existing facilities and services to determine what projects and funding are needed to encourage more people to use transit by 2025. The study is exploring:

  • Transit’s role in enhancing growth in Tennessee
  • How transit can best serve people living in rural areas
  • Useful, cost-effective projects that could include new bus routes, light rail, passenger rail and other forms of public transportation
  • Transit related facilities such as parking lots, shelters and stations
  • Ways that transit can best serve Tennessee’s population and employment growth, and land use patterns and density
  • Funding sources to expand transit services

The opinions of every Tennessee resident should be included in this report.

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