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TDOT SmartWay

About SmartWay: TDOT’s Intelligent Transportation System

TDOT SmartWay is located in all four major urban areas of Tennessee.  Our system, which includes our TDOT HELP program also operable in all four major urban areas, helps to make our system more efficient in several ways.

  • By providing the quick clearance of disabled vehicles from the roadway and by removal of any debris, the resulting congestion is improved.  
  • Through our system of Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), motorists are provided information about traffic incidents and traffic flow to assist them in making informed choices about their travel.
  • By delivering camera images, incidents and construction information through our TDOT website and our TDOT SmartWay Mobile application  motorists are able to check for traffic and make informed choices on their routes

Currently TDOT SmartWay components and programs

  • Four fully operational Transportation Management Centers (TMCs): Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville.
  • Roadway Traffic Sensors (1,221) to report traffic counts, speed and travel time.
  • Traffic Cameras (470)
  • Dynamic Message Signs (151) to provide traffic information to motorists.
  • Freeway Service Patrols (88), HELP, to reduce congestion by removing minor incidents in a timely fashion in all four major urban areas.
  • With Tennessee 511, through use of either a landline or cellular telephone, motorists are able to receive information on incidents and construction. Other information, such as rest area locations and tourist attractions, are also available.
  • TDOT has 21 Twitter feeds which provide incident information to followers.

TDOT Rural ITS Efforts

  • TDOT operates two live camera feeds on a section of  I-40 in Roane County on Rockwood Mountain.
  • Seven overhead DMS signs and ten highway advisory radio transmitters assist motorists traveling on I-75, I-40, I-81 and I-26 on mountainous terrain in east Tennessee.   
  • Construction has started on rural interstate interchanges in east Tennessee including I-40 / I-75 interchange in Loudon County, I-140 / U.S. Highway 129 (Alcoa Hwy) in Blount County, I-40 / I-81 interchange in Jefferson County and the I-81 / I-26 interchange in Sullivan County.  

SmartWay Strategic Plan Adobe PDF document