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James White Parkway - (State Route 71) Knox County

From Chapman Highway (State Route 71) to Moody Avenue in Knoxville.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the James White Parkway project is to improve access to and from the South Knoxville area and help to relieve traffic congestion on Chapman Highway.

Need for the Project

Chapman Highway is the only north-south arterial connecting South Knoxville with the CBD Loop. Consequently, the traffic demand along this facility often exceeds its capacity and results in traffic congestion. Construction of James White Parkway between Moody Avenue and Governor John Sevier Highway would serve to relieve traffic congestion on Chapman Highway and provide additional capacity for future traffic demands along the north-south corridor. Relieving traffic congestion and providing a connection between Governor John Sevier Highway and the CBD Loop will improve access to the South Knoxville area providing a more efficient connection between South Knoxville and medical facilities, educational institutions, and commercial areas in the greater Knoxville area.

System Linkage

The proposed project would provide a multi-lane link between the South Knoxville region and downtown Knoxville. James White Parkway was constructed from the CBD Loop southward to Moody Avenue and is open to traffic. The proposed extension of the roadway from Moody Avenue to Governor John Sevier Highway (SR-168) would provide an important link in the regional transportation network. This project is included as a transportation improvement project in local plans, such as the South County and South City Sector Plans.