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State Route 62 - Western Avenue
(From Texas Ave. to Major Ave.), Knoxville

Proposed Design

Looking east on State Route  62 (Western Avenue) from east of Texas Avenue.The project will provide a bridge over CSX railroad near Tennessee Avenue, five-lane roadway with curbs & gutters consisting of 12 foot wide traffic lanes, a 12 -14 foot center turn lane, 10 foot shoulders with striped bicycle lanes, and 7 foot wide sidewalks on each side of the roadway. Total roadway width from face to face of curbs will be 84-ft. The proposed alignment begins at 400-ft East of Texas Avenue, continues along part of Western Avenue and Schofield Street until it intersects with Major Avenue. Shoulders will be eliminated between Keith Avenue and Major Avenue. Right-of Way width will vary along SR-62 and side roads.


Typical Proposed Roadway Section for State Route 62 (Western Avenue)

Click here for larger pdf view

Aerial photo showing proposed improvements pdf

Proposed Improvements of State Route 62 (Western Avenue)

  1. 4- 12’ traffic lanes and 12’-14’ center turn lane
  2. Curb and gutter section with 10’ shoulders with striped bicycle lane
  3. 7’ sidewalk on each side of the roadway
  4. 104’ minimum right-of-way required and
  5. associated slope and construction easements
  6. Realignment of SR-62 Street
  7. Construct bridge over CSX Railroad
  8. Addition of left-turn lanes on SR-62 (Western Avenue) at intersecting side roads
  9. Realignment of Mynderse Avenue
  10. Massachusetts Avenue will be realigned and will intersect Tennessee Avenue
  11. Hawkins Street between Massachusetts Avenue and Tennessee Avenue will be removed
  12. Tennessee Avenue will have no direct access to SR-62 (Western Avenue)

Aerial photo showing redesign of Keith Avenue (pdf)

Major Points of Interest Near Intersection of State Route 62 and Keith Avenue

  • West View Elementary School is located at the corner of Belmont Height Avenue and Mingle Avenue. School is located approximately 2000 feet from the rail crossing.
  • West View Park is located on the corner of Keith Avenue and Glenn Avenue. Park is located approximately 2000 feet from the rail crossing.
  • Knox County Library – Murphy Branch is located on the corner of SR-62 (Western Avenue) and Major Avenue. Library is located approximately 800 feet from the rail crossing.
  • Child & Family Services located on the corner of Keith Avenue and Dawn Street. Site is located approximately 1300 feet from the rail crossing.

Keith Avenue Typical Section


The purpose of the project is to improve the roadway, provide route continuity and correct existing route deficiencies including geometrics (vertical and Horizontal) and operations. In addition, implementing this project is considered necessary to serve the existing and future traffic demands on this section of the State Route 62.