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Alcoa Highway: SR-115 (US-129) - Knox and Blount Counties Glossary of Transportation Acronyms

ADT: Average Daily Traffic
APR: Advance Planning
ARAP: Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit
A & E: Activity and Event Report  
CE: Categorical Exclusion
COE: U. S. Army Corps of Engineering
CSS: Context Sensitive Solutions
DEIS: Draft Environmental Impact Statement  
DHV: Design Hourly Volume  
DOT: Department of Transportation
EA: Environmental Assessment
EIS:   Environmental Impact Statement
FHWA: Federal Highway Administration  
FONSI: Finding of No Significant Impact  
IJS: Interchange Justification Study
IMS: Interchange Modification Study
ISTEA: Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act  
LOS: Level of Service
NOI: Notice of Intent
NPDES: National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
PDP: Project Development Process  
PE: Preliminary Engineering
PSA: Public Service Announcement
PS&E: Plans, Specification, and Estimate
ROW: Right-of-Way
ROD: Record of Decision  
SHPO: State Historic Preservation Office
SIU: Section of Independent Utility  
STIP: State Transportation Improvement Program  
STP: Surface Transportation
TDEC: Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
TDOT: Tennessee Department of Transportation
TIP: Transportation Improvement Program
TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority
TWRA: Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency
USACE: United States Army Corps of Engineers  
USFWS: United States Fish and Wildlife Service
USGS: United States Geological Survey