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Alcoa Highway: SR-115 (US-129) - Knox and Blount Counties

The Federal Highway Administration has approved the Finding of No Significant Impact Statement (FONSI) for this project, completing the process in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). You may view the FONSI and the FONSI Appendices by clicking on the following link. Project Library

Project Description

State Route 115 (US 129/Alcoa Highway) is an urban principal arterial roadway, which is on the National Highway System. It is responsible for moving traffic efficiently throughout the region, particularly between the City of Alcoa and the City of Knoxville.

The Build Alternative for the proposed project involves improving SR 115 between I-140 (Pellissippi Parkway) and north of the Cherokee Trail interchange.  The proposed project is intended to address transportation needs, which have been identified through coordination with local officials, agencies and the public. The purpose of the proposed project is to:

  • Increase the capacity of SR-115 and the level of service,
  • Correct roadway deficiencies, and
  • Reduce crashes/improve safety.

The nature of the proposed project (i.e., widening of an existing roadway) limits the options for build alternatives. Thus, the proposed project has two alternatives: the No-Build Alternative and the Build Alternative.

The No-Build Alternative involves no improvements to the existing roadway beyond regular maintenance.

The Build Alternative follows the existing alignment and consists of widening the existing roadway to six lanes (three lanes in each direction), except for the section between Singleton Station Road and Topside Road in Blount County (SR-333), where it will be widened to accommodate three travel lanes in each direction and two auxiliary lanes.  Seven interchanges and a center median barrier will be constructed or reconstructed along the route.  In Knox County there are two new interchanges (at Topside Road and Maloney Road) and two rebuilt interchanges (at SR-168/John Sevier Highway and Cherokee Trail). In Blount County there are three new interchanges (Topside Road/SR-333, Hillside Drive and Singleton Station Road).  Frontage/collector roads are also proposed at select locations along the route to provide access to properties and local roadways.

You may view project renderings and a brief description of the Bike/Pedestrian Facilities on the following link. Project Library

The map below shows the locations of key elements of the Build Alternative: