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State Route 112

(U.S. 41A) Clarksville Highway Davidson County From State Route 12 to State Route 155

Proposed Design

The principles of Context Sensitive Solutions/Design are being utilized on this project.  As a result, TDOT has sought stakeholder input from a Citizens’ Resource Team and from representatives from Metro Parks and Recreation, Metro Public Works and the Metro Planning Department, to provide insight into the design of this project section.  Based on input received, the proposed design was segmented into three (3) centers: Ashland City Highway; Kroger/Fairview; and King’s Lane/Briley Parkway Interchange.

Ashland City Highway – Includes 4 – 11’ travel lanes, dual 11’ left turn lanes, 1 auxiliary lane of varying width (0’ to 12’), 2 – 4’ bike lanes and 2 – 8’ sidewalks within 121’ of minimum
Right-of-way.  The project begins some 800+ feet southeast of the Ashland City intersection and transitions from 12’ lanes to 11’ lanes just north of the intersection.

Kroger’s/Fairview – Includes 4 – 11’ travel lanes, 1 – 12’ continuous left turn lane, 2 – 4’ bike lanes and 2 – 8’ sidewalks within 97’ of minimum Right-of-way.
King’s Lane/Briley Parkway Interchange – Includes 4 – 12’ travel lanes, 1 – 12’ continuous left turn lane, 2 – 4’ bike lanes, 2 – 5.5’ grass strips and 2 – 8’ sidewalks within 112’ of minimum Right-of-way.  The travel lane widths transition from 11’ back to 12’ just north of King’s Lane.

Lane width transitions from 12’ to 11’ and back to 12’ are proposed to lesson right-of-way impacts from the Ashland City Center through to the King’s Lane Center and to encourage reduced motorists speeds through these centers.

These are preliminary designs and are subject-to-change.

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