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Proposed Improvements to SR-11
Nolensville Road-Williamson and Davidson Counties

Project Timeline

Transportation projects are developed in four phases:  Planning and Environmental, Design, Right-of-Way and Construction.  The following is a reflection of  various aspects of these phases as they have occurred or will occur on the improvement of S.R. 11 (Nolensville Road):

Current Schedule
Initial Public Meeting Conducted January 9, 2006
Advanced Planning Report Completed  January 12, 2006
Public Information Meeting Completed April 29, 2008
Future Milestones
North of Mill Creek to near Old Hickory Blvd  
Design Public Meeting at Shayne Elementary
School, 6217 Nolensville Road, Nashville, TN 5-7 p.m.
February 5, 2015
Appraisal of right-of-way Forecast for 4th Quarter 2015
South of Burkitt Road to north of Mill Creek -
Conduct Design Public Meeting Forecast for 4th Quarter 2015
Appraisal of right-of-way Forecast for 1st Quarter 2016
All forecast dates are subject-to-change
Chart of five step process
The project is currently in the Environmental phase. An environmental document is being developed for review by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), other agencies, and the public.