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Right-of-Way Division - Utilities Office

Suite 600 James K. Polk Bldg.
Nashville, TN 37243-0337
Phone (615) 741.3196
Fax (615) 532.1548


NEW! Standard Utility contact Form
(Excel Document format)

Standard Utility Permit Forms
(WORD Document format)

Use & Occupancy Permit
Form 2011-1
Private License

Form 2011-2
Pipeline Encroachments

Form 2011-4
Underground Encroachments

Form 2011-5
Overhead Encroachments

Form 2011-6
Roadway Lighting

Form 2011-7
Surety Bond

Form 2011-8
Running Surety Bond

Form 2011-9
General Agreement

Form 2011-11
Permit Completion Notice
Form 2011-15


Standard Utility Relocation Forms
(WORD Document format)

Declaration Schedule
Form 2011-12
Consultant Forms
Form 2011-13 pdf
CADD Disclaimer
Form 2004-14
Standard AT&T Estimate Form 
Form 2013-16 XLS
Standard Estimate Excel Spreadsheet
Form 2013-16 XLS
Utility Deposit
Form 2011-17
Certification Contract Obligation Chap. 86
Form 2011-18

Environmental MOU Form
Form 2011-19
Environmental Agreement Form
Form 2011-20
Revision Request  (MS Excel)
Form 2011-21

Move In State Contract Utility Items

Master Consultant (MCES)
Buy America

Construction Office Standard Utility Items (See also GUIDEBOOK for UTILITY RELOCATION link under "UTILITY REFERENCES")

Trusted Site Setup
For XP

Master Consultant Instructions (pdf)

America Designation of Standard Item Numbers (MS Excel)