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TDOT funds the State Aid Program, which began in 1983.

At that time, certain local routes in each county were designated as State Aid routes. These routes are spaced at intervals consistent with the population density, serve all communities within the county, and function as connector routes linking the important traffic generators within the county. These routes comprise up to 20 percent of the total road miles in the county. The State Aid Program provides money to counties for improvements to roads on this system.

State aid funds are appropriated by the legislature on July 1st of each year. The funds are distributed to the ninety-five (95) counties as follows: fifty percent is distributed equally, twenty-five percent based on area, and twenty-five percent based on population. The use of these funds requires a twenty-five percent match by the county.

The types of work qualifying include the planning, engineering, right-of-way acquisition, grading, drainage, bridge construction, and pavement upgrades or rehabilitation.

The State Aid Program also provides other uses for state aid funds. If a county chooses, they may use up to fifty percent of their annual allocation as matching funds for BRZE Bridge Replacement projects, or they may transfer up to fifty percent of their annual allocation to the State Bridge Grant Program.

The State Aid Office has personnel in each of the department’s regional offices. They work closely with the county road superintendents in their region and together, they work out an annual work program for their county. For more information on TDOT’s State Aid program visit