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TDOT funds Rockfall Mitigation to provide a continuing process for the repair and mitigation of rockfall problems along Tennessee roadways.

This program will use current resources such as the Rockfall Management System (RMS) developed by and for TDOT. This management system maintains an inventory of potential rockfall sites and gives each site a hazard rating.

Through the use of a database and GIS the RMS gives detailed information for each site. It allows TDOT engineers to prioritize, classify and compare potential problem sites.

There are approximately 963 sites statewide that could present a significant rockfall risk. The Rockfall Mitigation program takes a positive, proactive approach to increase the safety of the traveling public.

Funds from this program will be prioritized according to the hazard and significance of potential rockfall sites as well as potential costs. Low cost high hazard sites will receive a portion of the funding as will other high hazard sites that will affect large numbers of vehicles or have a negative impact on an area community.

This fund will not repair all the rockfall sites that exist in Tennessee simultaneously. There are too many sites, some of which may be very expensive and many of which present environmental challenges. It will, however, focus on increasing the safety of the traveling public by addressing the problem with a funding that continues on an annual basis.