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Fiscal Years 2008-2010
Transportation Improvement Program, Additional Projects

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Adopt-A-Highway Tennessee’s Adopt-A-Highway volunteer initiative plays a key role in keeping state roadways cleaner, while controlling the growing cost of litter removal.
Airport Capital Improvement Plan TDOT’s Aeronautics Division administers funding for the comprehensive Airport Capital Improvement Plan.
Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) Provides funds for transportation projects that reduce air emissions in air quality nonattainment and maintenance areas.
County Seat Connectors Initiative Accelerates the connection of county seats to interstates in areas where needs are the greatest.
Environmental Programs TDOT funds several vital statewide environmental initiatives designed to protect the state’s natural resources. 
Federal Aid Bridge Replacement Provides funding for replacement or rehabilitation of bridges on public roads in Tennessee.
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Expands TDOT SmartWay, the state’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).
Interstate Resurfacing TDOT’s Interstate Resurfacing Program maintains 1,104 miles of interstate highways to provide the best possible riding conditions. 
Litter Grant Program The Litter Grant Program provides grants to counties to assist in litter control activities and litter prevention education.
Local Government Aid TDOT assists local governments with transportation infrastructure and safety needs, including the Interchange Lighting Program, the Local Interstate Connector Route Program, the Spot Safety Improvement Program and the Small Cities' Program.
Road Safety Audit Reviews Road Safety Audit Reviews are conducted at locations where improvements are implemented to reduce injuries and fatalities.
Rockfall Mitigation Program The Rockfall Mitigation Program provides a continuing process for the repair and mitigation of rockfall problems along Tennessee roadways.
Rural Planning Organizations (RPOs) Rural Planning Organizations (RPOs) are multi-county organizations are made up of state and local elected officials, county superintendents, and regional transit officials. RPOs provide their members a way to participate in transportation planning.
Safe Routes to Schools Provides state, local and regional agencies funding for projects designed to encourage walking and biking among elementary and middle school children
State Aid Program Certain local routes in each county have been designated as State Aid routes. These routes are at intervals consistent with population density and function as connector routes linking important traffic generators. The State Aid Program provides money to counties for improvements to roads on this system.
State Industrial Access Program The State Industrial Access Program assists local governments with funding projects that provide access to new and/or expanding industries.
Transit Program Grants Numerous grants provided to support and enhance transit programs in Tennessee.
Transportation Enhancement Grants Funds community-based projects that enhance the transportation experience by improving the cultural, historic, aesthetic and environmental aspects of our transportation infrastructure.