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Region 3

6601 Centennial Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37243-0360
Phone: (615) 350-4300
Fax: (615) 350-4396
David Layhew
David Layhew

David Layhew is the Director/Assistant Chief Engineer of Region 3, which is located in Nashville. It is his responsibility to direct department operations throughout the 26-county Middle Tennessee region. Major areas of operational responsibilities include highway construction implementation and compliance, highway maintenance and repair, highway marking, bridge inspection and repair, state aid roads program, materials and tests, highway beautification, environmental conformity, highway safety, and office administration, including personnel matters.

TDOT Region 3 complex
TDOT's Region 3 Complex is located in Nashville Adjacent to Briley Parkway near Centennial Boulevard.

Regional Operations is responsible for directing the administrative, engineering, and technical activities for multiple offices within middle Tennessee’s 26 counties of Region 3, including Construction and Maintenance offices across three districts, Bridge Inspection and Repair, Materials and Tests, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Engineering, and Incident Response.

Other key responsibilities focus on the management of infrastructure assets to provide a safe, reliable and efficient roadway network as well as timely delivery of construction projects providing increased mobility and capacity options for multimodal users. Regional Operations works hand in hand with communities, state, and local partners to provide strong strategic relationships and coordinated service to our customers.

For inquiries, please contact the appropriate office for assistance:

Director of Operations:
Mike Brown, P.E.
(615) 350-4305

Project Development directs the administrative, engineering and technical activities for design, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation and survey for projects within the 26 counties of Region 3. Other key responsibilities include management of project processes and status to ensure timely and fiscally responsible delivery of state highway transportation projects adhering to state and federal rules and regulations. Project development collaborates with other divisions throughout TDOT, along with local and state partners ensuring effective advancement of project deliverables.

For inquiries, please contact the appropriate office for assistance:

Director of Project Development:
Lori Lange, P.E.
(615) 350-4391

Right of Way & Utilities Office:
Neal D. Priest
(615) 350-4200

Survey & Design Office:
Shane Hester, P.E.
(615) 350-4250

(615) 350-4494
District Operations (Construction/Maintenance)
(615) 350-4340
(615) 350-4189
Community Relations
(615) 350-4302
(615) 350-4189
Materials & Tests
(615) 350-4310
Special Projects
(615) 350-4382

Office of Community Transportation

Region 3 Operations Organizational Chart (pdf)

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District 38 District 39 District 37

District 37
6601 Centennial Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37243-0360
Phone: (615) 350-4400
District 38
10241 Hwy 70 E
McEwen, TN 37101
Phone: (931) 582-6293

District 39
2099 Fayetteville Hwy.
Belfast, TN 37019
Phone: (931) 276-2219