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Multimodal Transportation Resources – Office of Freight and Rail

James K. Polk Building, Suite 1800
Nashville, TN 37243
phone (615) 741.2781
fax (615) 253.1482

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) developed a comprehensive rail plan to provide policy, procedural, and system management guidance defining a new role for the department in rail system projects. Although, this plan was completed in early 2003, it is the most current data available.

icon = Portable Document Format document (pdf).


The documents created as part of the Rail System Plan include:

icon Task 1 - Public Involvement Plan (48 kb)

icon Task 2 - Rail System Inventory (1.1 mb)

icon Task 3 - Policy and Procedures Manual (176 kb)

icon Task 3 - Short Line Program Review and Recommendations (152 kb)

icon Task 4 - Potential Intercity Passenger Rail Corridors (2.6 mb)

icon Task 5 - Freight Forecasting ( Freight Movement Inventory and Future Demand Analysis) (3.7 mb)

icon Task 6 - Rail Freight Intermodal Facility And Rail System Connections (98 kb)

icon Task 7 - Strategic Project Evaluation Protocols and Procedures (231 kb)

icon Task 8 - Evaluation of Rail Infrastructure Proposals (2.7 mb)

  • Basic Freight Rail Connection: East-West Rail Connection
    • Appendix A - Benefits and Impact Worksheets
    • Appendix B - Truck to Rail Diversion Forecast Methodology
  • Planning Horizon Scenario for Multi-state East-West Rail Connection
  • Evaluation of Rail Infrastructure: Memphis Rail Bypass
    • Appendix A- Benefits and Impact Worksheets
  • Enhanced Route Evaluations (proposed Northern and Southern Improved Alignments)

icon Task 9 - Impact of Chickamauga Lock Closure (2.7 mb)

icon Task 10 - Advance Planning Report (East-West Rail Connection - Alternative Alignments) (826 kb)

icon Task 11 - Rail System Plan Summary, Funding Options and Rail Program Recommendations (2.0 mb)

icon Task 12 - Summary of Interactions w/Tennessee Metropolitan Planning Organizations (110 kb)