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Materials & Tests Division - Research & Product Evaluation

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Qualified Products List

Click here for: Product Evaluation Submittal Form (Excel)

Click here for: Qualified Products List Report (pdf)

Click here for: Qualified Products List Evaluation Procedures (pdf)

A qualified products list sign.Companies desiring to submit products for evaluation must complete a Product Evaluation Submittal Form. In addition, they should review the evaluation procedures for other data that is required. These procedures are outlined in the Qualified Products List and Evaluation Procedures. The purpose of the Qualified Products List is to make available to Construction and Maintenance personnel a list of products which perform satisfactorily. Products on the QPL are products which have been evaluated and found that they could be acceptable for use, provided all testing and/or certification requirements have been met and provided the products are used in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. The QPL shall be used in conjunction with the Tennessee Standard Specifications, Maintenance Specifications, Special Provisions, Plans and all supplementary documents effective at the time of usage.