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Materials & Tests Division

Laboratory Operations Office Chemical Laboratory

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST
Phone: (615) 350-4181
Fax: (615) 350-4293

Working in the lab.The function of the Chemical Laboratory is to perform verification tests confirming the chemical properties of numerous materials used on state highways. These materials are used in various ways and are submitted by contractors, state personnel or producers. The most commonly tested samples are:

  • Hydraulic Cement - chemical analysis that verifies the primary compounds for future use in concrete structures and fineness determines particle size.

  • Fly Ash - a chemical analysis to verify composition and uniformity.

  • Culvert Metal - verifies the weight of coating thickness used to provide protection against corrosion.

  • Traffic Paint - verify the volatile content and dry time.

  • Glass Beads - verifies gradation of glass beads to be used in thermoplastic pavement marking or traffic paint.

  • Bridge Deck Cores - chloride content is determined for potential corrosive effects on embedded steel.

  • Working in the lab.Fencing Material - tensile strength and coating thickness for weathering purposes.

  • Crushed Limestone - chemical analysis verifies material quality for use bituminous pavement and test to determine if material is skid resistant.

  • Agricultural Lime - gradation and verification of carbonates.

  • Structural Connections - hardness verifications.

  • Elastomeric Bearing Pads - hardness verification.

  • Deicing Salt - verification of Sodium Chloride content.