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Materials & Tests Division - Geotechnical Engineering Section

6601 Centennial Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37243 0360
phone (615) 350-4130
fax (615) 350-4128

Geotechnical Consultant Information

Any consulting firm either doing business with or looking to do business with TDOT click here for general consultant information.

The following workbook is to be used by geotechnical consultants on all TDOT projects:

Cost Estimate and Invoice workbook (version 3.4) updated 9/24/2014.

Information Regarding Potentially Acid Producing Rock

TDOT Special Provision 107 L regarding potentially acid producing materials.

The following documents are provided in both PDF and MicroStation (.zip) formats

Encapsulation on a Project   Updated
Geomembrane Option DWG1A.pdf 2/27/2014
Clay Option DWG1B.pdf 2/27/2014
Encapsulation Details DWG1C.pdf 2/27/2014
Offsite Encapsulation or blending    
Off‐site final cover layout DWG2.pdf 2/27/14
Off‐site encapsulation cell DWG3.pdf 2/27/14
Off‐site encapsulation cell DWG3A.pdf 2/27/14
Partial Encapsulation    
Onsite partial encapsulation DWG4.pdf 2/27/14
Offsite partial encapsulation DWG5.pdf 2/27/14
Blending-On site    
On site blending example DWG6.pdf 2/27/14