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Local Programs Development Office

Enhancement Program

There have been a lot of improvements in our Tennessee communities since the former Federal Transportation Enhancement Program, now known as Transportation Alternatives, began providing funds to local governments in 1991. More than $287 million in grants have been distributed by the Department. The money has gone to 245 communities across the Volunteer State to build sidewalks, bike and pedestrian trails and to renovate historic train depots and other transportation related structures. The impact of some of the projects is primarily local, whereas the wildflowers grown on roadways across the state can be enjoyed annually by thousands of Tennesseans and tourists. Whether large or small, the projects serve the same purposes; improving access and providing a better quality of life for people in the state.


Important Notice to Applicants

Timeline of 2015 Transportation Alternative Cycle

The 2015 application cycle is open. Applications will be accepted until 3:00PM Central Standard Time on November 3, 2014.

• All local governmental agencies including those within the Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville MPO/TPO's may submit an application to the State competitive Program. Please contact your MPO/TPO for additional information and specific guidelines regarding their regional competitive program schedule.

Update on Former Soft Match Option

The 20% non-federal share of the proposed project must be provided by the Local Agency as a hard cash match.

Update to the Local Programs Reimbursement Request Policy Electronic Reimbursement Format

To expedite invoice processing in our new accounting system, the Local Programs Development office requests local agencies to submit their reimbursement requests in PDF format electronically through email to Note that multiple projects must be invoiced separately.

Application Details

The 2015 Transportation Alternatives Application will be required for all submittals.

TDOT will accept applications electronically at The electronic submission must still include the scanned signature of the applicable Mayor or State Agency Head as well as all necessary detailed maps, photographs, preliminary sketches, plans and support letters. Please note that only Word, PDF and JPG documents will be accepted for electronic submissions with a limit of one application per e-mail.

Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge
Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge
Nashville, Davidson County

All applications must include the County, Applicant and Project Title in the subject line. Limit one application per e-mail. If more than one e-mail is necessary per application submittal, you must label each e-mail accordingly, e.g. County, Applicant, Title of Project, Part 1 of 2.

NOTE: TDOT's mailbox limit is 15MB per e-mail.

If you choose not to submit electronically, you must submit one (1) CD containing the complete application. All CD's must be labeled County, Applicant and Title of Project.

Standardized budget templates are attached at the end of the application. Line items can be added or deleted as needed for any state; however, this is the required format in which all budget are to be submitted. All budgets must include the appropriate TDOT line item number. Note: budget template #2 is for Historic Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historic Transportation Facilities only.

Application & Related Materials