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State Route 70 - Edward R. Talley Bridge (Kyles Ford) Project

Project DescriptionPhoto of Edward R. Talley Bridge

The Edward R. Talley Bridge, otherwise referred to as the Kyles Ford Bridge, sits over the Clinch River on State Route 70 in Hancock County.

The bridge was built by the State Highway Department in 1927 and 1928 as part of the special toll bridge program.  It is one of only three of those bridges still existing in the state. It was built for a cost of $110,308.54.

This bridge has been included in Tennessee’s Survey Report for Historic Highway Bridges.

The Kyles Ford Bridge is 421 feet in length, and 20.2 feet in width.

According to a TDOT traffic survey conducted in 2010, the average daily traffic on this bridge is 680 vehicles per day.

The aging Kyles Ford Bridge is structurally deficient, and will need to be replaced.

Following discussions with various agencies, state and Hancock County officials, and the public, the decision was made to build a new bridge, keeping the Kyles Ford Bridge open during that construction.

“We’ve listened to the concerns of local citizens in Hancock County and neighboring Hawkins County, and believe that this is the best solution for those that travel across the Kyles Ford Bridge,” said TDOT Commissioner John Schroer.

Necessary repairs to upgrade the existing bridge from the 5-ton weight limit have been completed and the detour route has been eliminated. The current weight limits for the existing Kyle's Ford bridge are now posted as 10-tons for 2-axel vehicles and 18-tons for 3-axel vehicles. These repairs are to extend the life of the Edward R. Talley Bridge by 3-5 years.

Meeting Presentation - February 23, 2012 (pdf)

The illustration below is an artist rendering of the new replacement bridge.