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Segment of Independent Utility Number 9 From I55/State Route 304 Near Hernando, MS to US51/State Route 385 near Millington, TN Desoto County, MS and Shelby County, TN

January 29, 2007
The segment 9 from Hernando, Mississippi to State Route 385 in Tennessee will follow along the existing alignment for I-55 to I-240 then to I-40. Then from I-40 the alignment will follow a new alignment west of State Route 51 to State Route 385 (Future I-269). The new alignment has been divided into four different projects as follows:

1. From I-40 to South of State Route 388
2. From South of State Route 388 to Fite Road
3. From Fite Road to North of Woodstock/Cuba Road
4. From North of Woodstock/Cuba Road to State Route 385 (Future I-269)

The Environmental Division of the Tennessee Department of Transportation received the signed Record of Decision (ROD).

The Record of Decision (ROD) is based on the Final Environmental Impact Statement, which has been independently evaluated by the Federal Highway Administration and determined to adequately and accurately discuss the needs, environmental issues, and impacts of the proposed project and mitigation measures.

1.   Obtained existing study documents on I-40/I-240 project in Memphis; State Route 385 from Arlington to Collierville, Mississippi State Route 304 Location Study; and I-55 Study documents.           

2.   Assembled topographic mapping of the corridor for identification of opportunities and constraints.

          3.   Put together mosaic of aerial photography obtained from TDOT and MDOT for identification of potential alternate locations.

          4.   Identified alternate study corridors for the section from US 51/State Route 385 to US 51/State Route 300.

          5.   Identified alternate study corridors for Mississippi section from I-55/State Route 304 to State Route 385 in Tennessee (April 10, 2001).

          6.   Field reviewed alternate corridor locations with TDOT (April 11, 2001).

          7.   Field reviewed alternate corridor locations with MDOT (April 25, 2001).

          8.   Field reviewed existing corridors (I-40, I-240, I-55, and State Route 385) to be incorporated into the overall study.

          9.   Began assembling traffic data from Corridor 18 Feasibility Studies and from MPO to be used in traffic modeling for the study.

          10. Notice of Intent submitted to FHWA for publication in Federal Register.

          11. Conducted Technical Advisory Committee meeting (May 8, 2001).

          12. Conducted Scoping meeting with TDOT, MDOT and Resource Agencies (May 8, 2001).

          13. Conducted Early Public Involvement meetings in Millington (attendance 225) and Hernando (attendance 135) on May 15, 2001.

          14. Conducted Early Public Involvement meetings in Collierville (attendance 277) and Memphis (attendance 70) on May 17, 2001. 

  • Immediate Future Activities – May – July

1.       Scoping meeting with MDOT and Resource Agencies (June 5, 2001).

2.      Summarize Public meeting transcripts and present results to TDOT and  MDOT.

3.      Complete “Opportunities and Constraints” map.

4.      Further define alignments for further study.

5.      Assemble aerial photography and review alignments.

6.      Prepare “Initial Coordination Package” for review and input from Federal, State and local agencies and officials.

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