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I-69 Corridor From Hernando, MS to Millington, TN

Alternative Segments

The Department of Transportation has under consideration several alternative segments for the location of I-69 beginning at Millington and extending to Dyersburg.  The purpose of this page is to provide photographic images of the segments under consideration in a PDF format.  The map below provides an index for identifying the areas that you may want to download and view.  To save a copy on a local computer, use the File>Save As function in the Acrobat Reader menu.

The area of coverage for each image is approximately 9 miles by 7 miles making the file size of the PDF's very large.   It may take several minutes to download the PDF files. With a 28.8 modem, expect a maximum download speed of approximately 1 minute per 200 KB.  Two sizes of images are available.  The legal size represents a form approximately 14" by 8.5" with an approximate scale of 1" = 5000 ft.  The "E" size form is approximate 44" by 34"  with an approximate scale of 1" = 1000 feet.   The downloaded legal size file name will have a "S" inserted into the file name (i.e. -1E1.PDF will be -1E1s.PDF).

If you have any difficulty viewing these maps, please contact the TDOT Project Manager for Segment 9, Steve Chipman, by email at


Corridor Map

This is a map of I-69.

Images for Viewing
File Name Legal Size
 Image (KB)
"E" Size 
Image (KB)
  File Name

Legal Size
 Image (KB)

"E" Size 
Image (KB)
SHEET1.PDF 266 801   SHEET12.PDF 197 686
SHEET2.PDF 291 950   SHEET13.PDF 212 745
SHEET3.PDF 228 744   SHEET14.PDF 221 743
SHEET8.PDF 261 910   SHEET15.PDF 181 616
SHEET9.PDF 257 892   SHEET16.PDF 154 529
SHEET10.PDF 247 841   SHEET17.PDF 180 623
SHEET11.PDF 261 896        

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