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Goals for I-69

The overall goals for this Interstate facility are defined as follows:

  • Goal 1:  To improve international and interstate movement of freight and people by ensuring a safe transportation system that is accessible, integrated, and efficient while offering flexibility of transportation choices in mid-America.

  • Goal 2:  To enhance the regional and local transportation systems by providing transportation capacity to meet current and future needs.

  • Goal 3:  To facilitate economic development and enhance economic growth opportunities domestically and internationally through efficient and flexible transportation with particular emphasis being given to economic growth in the Lower Mississippi Delta Region.

  • Goal 4:  To facilitate connections to intermodal facilities and major ports along the corridor.

  • Goal 5:  To facilitate the safe and efficient movement of persons and goods by fostering a reduction in incident risk.

  • Goal 6:  To upgrade existing facilities to be utilized as I-69 within the corridor to design standards suitable for an Interstate highway and commensurate with the projected demand.

  • Goal 7:  To directly connect the urban areas named by Congress (the "named cities" of Indianapolis, Evansville, Memphis, Shreveport/Bossier City, and Houston and the Lower Rio Grande Valley) with an Interstate highway connection.

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