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I-65 Widening - Williamson County
from SR 840 to SR 248

Project Timeline

Final Environmental Document   Approved May 27, 2010
Design Public Meeting   Conducted November 17, 2009
Utility Coordination   Began June 17, 2010; final certification scheduled for the Fall of 2012
Construction on section from SR 248 to SR 96  

All lanes open to traffic
ROW appraisals and acquisitions
for SR 248 Interchange and remaining interstate
section to be widened, SR 840 to SR 248
  Completed April of 2013
Construction contract award date   August 2013 to LoJac Enterprises
Construction scheduled for SR 248 Interchange and section of I-65 from SR 840 to SR 248   Work began early fall of 2013; scheduled for
completion in June of 2016

Plan of Operation

Phase 1

  • October/November 2013
    • Install traffic control signs to alert motorists of upcoming work activity
    • Mill and pave outside shoulders
    • Remove/adjust guardrail and place shoulder stone
    • Shift northbound and southbound traffic on I-65 to outside shoulders upon completion (on or around November 11th)

Phase 2

  • November 2013 – Summer 2014
    • Construction will begin in the median and continue through winter 2013
    • Grading, storm drains installed, construction of bridge piers
    • Construct  base stone, asphalt pavements, and concrete barrier wall
    • Switch traffic upon completion
    • Simultaneous to the I-65 work, construction will begin on SR 248 both east and west of I-65 (includes connecting side streets along Long Lane, Old Peytonsville Road and Five Mile Crossing)
    • Complete Phase 1 of the Interchange Bridge and the Bridge over Five Mile Creek on SR 248
    • Switch traffic to newly completed bridges, begin demolition of existing bridges


Phase 3

  • Summer 2014 –Summer 2016
    • Construct retaining walls, base stone, and asphalt pavements
    • Complete construction of new bridges, open to traffic
    • Finish grading and drainage activities on outside shoulder areas to right-of-way
    • Install pavement markings, guardrail and permanent signs
    • Plant grass and sodding on slopes