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I-65 Widening - Williamson County
from SR 840 to SR 248


  1. When are they going to do something about the congestion on I-65 in the Cool Springs Area?
    The widening of the first section of I-65 from SR 248 to SR 96 is complete. It was widened from 4 to 8 lanes; 2 of those lanes are designated HOV lanes in both directions.

    Construction on the widening of the second section began in the fall of 2013. This will also include the interchange improvement at Goosecreek (SR 248).

  2. When will construction begin?
    As stated under FAQ #1, work on the first section is complete; work of the second section began in the fall of 2013..

  3. Will my property be impacted by the widening?
    No additional right-of-way will be needed for the widening of I-65. However, ROW was acquired around Goosecreek Interchange in order to make the improvements at that location.