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I-640 Interchange at North Broadway - Knoxville

Proposed Improvements

The proposed concept mitigates the most critical safety and congestion concern, namely the southbound weave on Broadway that occurs between Tazewell Pike and Broadway traffic. This alternative calls for two (2) lane westbound on ramp from Broadway to I-640 with the right lane formed from the Tazewell Pike cramp and the left lane formed at Broadway. Therefore, the weave is eliminated because southbound Tazewell Pike and southbound have separate lanes. To make this configuration as effective as p[possible, the two (2) lane on ramp should be extended about 780 feet westbound so that motorists have ample time to merge onto I-640. If adequate distance is not provided, motorists will favor the left ramp lane and some weave activity will occur on the ramp roadway.

The second feature is northbound Broadway to westbound I-640 loop ramp. This configuration calls for the westbound off ramp from I-640 to be positioned under the proposed loop ramp. By positioning the westbound off ramp under the proposed loop ramp, instead of outside thee loop ramp, 35 to 40 miles per hour (MPH) design speed can be achieved.

This alternative is the preferred concept because it mitigates the most critical safety and congestion issue and does so in a cost effective manner. Significant advantages include:

  • Minimizes acquisition of ROW and the taking of businesses
  • Does not encroach on the blue line stream running along Dutch Valley Drive
  • Does not place undue traffic burden on Old Broadway, which is ill-equipped to accommodate additional traffic


New entrance ramp from NB Broadway to I-640 WB and Redesigned I-640 WB Exit Ramp

Design Features

  • New loop entrance provides NB Broadway access to I-640 WB, eliminating the existing left turn lane access.
  • Exit ramp from I-640 WB will be relocated and bridge over new loop ramp.

Redesigned ramp from Tazewell Pike and Broadway to I-640 WB

Design Features

  • SB Broadway widened to add new ramp lane to I-640 WB.
  • Ramp from Broadway and Tazewell Pike will be separated from SB Broadway by barrier wall, eliminating the existing weave.
  • Redesigned entrance ramp from Broadway SB and Tazewell Pike will be two lanes.


Broadway (S.R. 33) Southbound Typical Section


Conformance with Transportation Plans

Knoxville and its surrounding area are in a non-attainment status relative to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) established in a Clean Air Act Amendments. The proposed I-640 improvements are listed in the Knoxville Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), the TDOT (State Transportation Improvement Plan) STIP, and the Knoxville-Knox County Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) Long Range Plan Transportation Plan.

Tazewell Pike and Old Broadway access to I-640 EB and SB Broadway