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I-640 Interchange at North Broadway - Knoxville

Frequently Asked Ouestions

Q: What are the limits to this project?
A:The I-640 Interchange Improvements was divided into two phases due to funding. Phase I of the project was completed in 2002 and included improvements south of I-640. The interchange project limits for Phase 2 as approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) focusing on the north side of I-640 to the intersection of Broadway and Old Broadway.

Q: How will pedestrian and bicycle traffic move through this intersection using Old Broadway?
A:The reconstruction and widening of Old Broadway to accommodate a bike/pedestrian trail is outside the project limits. The Department has initiated workshops with the City's Park and Recreation's office for the potential of utilizing a portion of Old Broadway, Tazewell Pike and Dutch Valley Drive thru Grant money specifically designated to assist local entities in Greenway development. The Department does see benefits in linking communities, parks, and commercial areas on projects when the safety of the motorists and public using the facility is not jeopardized.