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I-640 Interchange at North Broadway - Knoxville

Project Description

I-640, an urban interstate on the National Highway System, is a key freeway beltway in Knoxville, Tennessee that provides direct connection between the major US interstates: I-40 and I-75. It is located north of downtown Knoxville and north of I-40 and interchanges at I-75 and I-275; 2.69 miles west of the subject interchange - Broadway (SR-33 and US-441). Between I-75 north of downtown Knoxville and I-40 west of downtown Knoxville, I-640 also carries the I-75 designation. The Broadway interchange at I-640 is located at Log Mile 2.400 and contains TDOT ramp numbers 131, 132, 133, 134, and 178.

Recognizing the importance of this intersection both for local traffic in the city and the national traffic across our nation's interstate system, TDOT has begun to make important changes. The proposed interchange substantially improves access by adding ramp node capacity and by adding a northbound Broadway to westbound I-640 loop ramp. This movement is currently served by a left turn at a signalized intersection.

Goals for modifying the I-640 at Broadway interchanges are as follows:

  • Complete the second phase of intersection construction
  • Provide an adequate level of service at the I-640 ramp junctions with Broadway, Old Broadway, and Tazewell Pike
  • Provide  an adequate design for westbound merge and diverge movements on I-640
  • Maintain a good level of mobility to the community
  • Minimize the acquisition of businesses
  • Minimize the impact to the environmental