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Henley - A Historic Connection


Q: Why can’t the bridge remain open during construction?
A: Because of the design of the bridge, it’s impossible to remove half of the bridge deck without removing the supporting columns or spandrels that hold up that half of the bridge. It’s like a carpenter’s saw horse, cut a leg and the rest can’t support the other half.

Q: How long will the bridge be closed?
A: The bridge went to contract in the fall 2010 with the bridge closing on January 3, 2011. The closure could be as long as 24 to 30 months. It is estimated to be completed by June 3, 2014.

Q: What will be the official detour?
A: The official detour is James White Parkway (South Knoxville Boulevard). A comprehensive sign plan has been developed to aid motorists in locating detours.

Q: How can motorists get to the businesses between Moody Ave. and the bridge?
A: Chapman Hwy is NOT closing at Moody Avenue. Motorists can access any location on Chapman Highway between Moody and Blount Avenues.

Q: Can motorists use the Gay Street Bridge?
A: Yes! The Gay Street Bridge will be open as directed by the city of Knoxville.

Q: Why could the contractor get a bonus if completed early?
A: Bonuses are used on rare occasions when an early completion is beneficial to the public or when impacts and road user costs to the public are significant. In the case of the Henley Bridge, there is a significant savings to the public for early completion. In the contract with Britton Bridge, LLC, a one million dollar incentive is in place should it be completed by December 31, 2012. The contractor will face liquidated damages of $4,500/day for each day past the contract due date of June 30, 2013.

Q: What is the new plan regarding the Piers located in the water?
A: On February 4, 2013, Commissioner Schroer announced a change that would require additional time be added to the Henley Bridge Project. Piers 3, 4, & 5 located in the main channel revealed excessive concrete repairs necessary during investigative sounding efforts in December 2012. Based on the cross section of repairs necessary, TDOT decided that patching deficiencies would not structurally provide the longevity expected from the respective piers. The design selected to meet expectations included building a pier within the existing piers. Diagram of Henley Bridge Pier Section (pdf)

Q: What is the new anticipated completion date including the "Pier within in a Pier" concept added to the project?
A: February 28, 2014 will be a milestone date in which the contractor will be required to have the bridge open to two lanes of traffic in each direction. The contractor will have the ability to request lane closures outside of special events including but not limited to University of Tennessee athletic events. The completion date for the project to be completed in its entirety is June 3, 2014. 

Q: Are there any incentives to complete the project early.
A: The contractor will be assessed liquidated damages in the amount of $1,000 per day in the event that the milestone date of February 28, 2014 is not met until 2 lanes of traffic in each direction can be achieved on the Henley Bridge. Any day that the project is not completed in its entirety after June 3, 2014, the contractor will be charged liquidated damages in the amount of $4,500 per day.