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Tennessee Environmental Procedures Manual

Chapter 10: Environmental Evaluation of State-Funded Projects

10.5 Preparation of a Minor TEER

A Minor TEER is prepared for those projects for which impacts would be minor in nature, similar to the 12 examples listed in Chapter 3, Section 3.5.2 of this manual for federally-funded projects. Other actions with similar scopes of work may also qualify for a Minor TEER. These include such actions as resurfacing, installation of highway ramps, bridge rehabilitation, and construction of weigh stations or rest areas.

Some documentation must be provided for an action to determine if the Minor TEER classification is appropriate. The level of information is dependent upon the action's potential level of impact, controversy, or inconsistency with other agencies' environmental requirements.

Where adverse environmental impacts are likely to occur as a result of the project, the level of analysis should be sufficient to define the extent of the impact, identify appropriate mitigation measures and address known and foreseeable agency and public concerns.

At a minimum, the Minor TEER documentation would include the following:

  • Description of the proposed action, including the immediate surrounding area;
  • Discussion of any specific areas of concern, such as wetlands, relocations or Section 4(f);
  • A list of other state or federal actions required for the proposal; and
  • Any concurrence letters from the State Historic Preservation Office (archaeological and/or historic architectural resources) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (endangered species).

The documentation should also address unusual circumstances associated with the project, if any. Where there are unusual circumstances, TDOT should undertake sufficient early coordination with agencies, public involvement and environmental studies to determine whether there is the potential for significant impacts.

If it is determined that the project is not likely to have significant impacts, the results of the environmental studies, coordination and public involvement should adequately support that conclusion and should be included in the Minor TEER documentation. TDOT has developed an electronic template for Minor TEERs.

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