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Chapter 7: Public Involvement Process

7.5 Public Involvement Wrap-up

An effective public involvement program will take time, money and patience. Reviewing the past successes and failures, as well as the programs of other DOTs, may improve the success of TDOT's project-related public involvement program. In developing and implementing a successful public involvement program, the following should be considered:

  • No request for a meeting is denied;
  • Graphics are sensitive to neighborhood and community issues;
  • Newsletter and resource materials are multi-lingual, as needed;
  • Newsletter items are related to neighborhood concerns and cultural resources;
  • Paid advertising is used to publicize events and meetings;
  • Small-group neighborhood meetings or meetings with special interest groups increase one-on-one interaction and buy-in;
  • Press briefings result in media coverage and accurate reporting; and
  • Websites offer an opportunity to disseminate information and to receive public input.
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