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Tennessee Environmental Procedures Manual

Chapter 7: Public Involvement Process

7.4 Other Public Involvement Tools

Besides meetings and hearings, numerous other methods are available to ensure that the public is informed and involved in the project development process. These are referred to as "Enhanced Public Involvement Activities" in the Plan. The Project Manager, Community Relations staff, and other pertinent staff (e.g., Environmental Division) will work together to identify projects that warrant enhanced public participation and determine which techniques should be used for involvement beyond initial coordination, meetings, and hearings.

Enhanced techniques for public involvement include establishment of a project web page, email groups, flyers, and newsletters. Throughout the country, planners are continuously developing new and supplemental ways to involve the public, particularly on high-profile or controversial projects. The charrette process may be warranted for certain projects. Some states have staffed a booth in a mall or at public events at a location in the project area to answer project questions or solicit project concerns. Additional enhanced techniques are described in TDOT's Public Involvement Plan.

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