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Context Sensitive Solutions

Tennessee Department of Transportation
2-Day Basic Training on Context Sensitive Solutions

This course on Context Sensitive Solutions was developed by an interdisciplinary team of TDOT professionals.  Because many comparable CSS courses were consulted in the development of the material, this course offers you the “best of the best” with a Tennessee perspective.  It not only offers an understanding of the principles and concepts of CSS, but also how it fits within the project development process at TDOT.

The following six modules make up the course content:

  1. Introduction to CSS
  2. Defining Context, Understanding a Place and Identifying Problems
  3. Respectful Communications, Consensus Building and Public Involvement
  4. CSS Decision-making and the Project Delivery Process
  5. Design Flexibility
  6. Putting It All Together

 Learning within this course is facilitated through lecture, examples, case studies and other interactive opportunities.  However, the greatest benefit comes through the interactive discussion between the interdisciplinary participants within TDOT and with external partners.

This course is no longer being offered, but click the modules below to review the presentations.

Module 1 PDF - CSS Introduction
Module 2 PDF - Defining Context
Module 3 PDF - Communications & Consensus
Module 4 PDF - Decision-Making
Module 5 PDF - Flexible Design
Module 6 PDF - Putting It All Together

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