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Environmental Division -
Phase 2 Program Statewide Storm Water Management Plan

James K. Polk Building, Suite 900
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0334
Phone: 615.741.3653
Fax: 615.615.741.1098

The Tennessee Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), is currently developing the Statewide Storm Water Management Plan (SSWMP) in order to better protect water quality in Tennessee. Development of the SSWMP resulted from Consent Order entered into between TDOT and TDEC to ensure that storm water management is incorporated throughout TDOT’s operations, and that storm water and water quality are considerations in all phases of every TDOT project.

The plan will outline the steps TDOT will take to prevent erosion, control sediment, and manage storm water across Tennessee. The goal is to plan, design, construct and maintain the state’s highways to minimize the impact of storm water runoff.

TDOT and TDEC will host a series of public meetings, one in each of the three grand divisions of the state, to present information about the SSWMP. The meetings will begin in late August 2005. The schedule of public meetings will be posted here on TDOT’s website, as well as advertised in a variety of media outlets.

During the SSWMP meetings, the public will be provided an overview of what is being considered for inclusion in the plan. The public will also be invited to give their input on what they would like to see addressed.

Following the August public meetings, public input will be evaluated and considered for incorporation into a draft SSWMP. In November 2005, the draft SSWMP will be made available for public review and comment. The document will be accessible both on the TDOT website, as well as specific locations across the state which will be identified and publicized through a variety of media outlets.

In January 2006, a second round of meetings will be scheduled in each of the grand divisions of the state to solicit public comment about the draft document. The Statewide Storm Water Management Plan will then be finalized in March 2006.