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Environmental Division

Social & Cultural Office, Historic Preservation Section


State Route 9 over Clinch River
County Anderson County
Bridge Type Warren Thru Truss
Date Posted January 2014
Let Date 2016

William Everett Lewallen Memorial Bridge over the Clinch River.

Description of the Bridge
The Honorable William Everett Lewallen Memorial Bridge over the Clinch River was built in 1939 as a standard Department of Highways and Public Works continuous truss bridge.  A bridge plaque remains on the bridge showing the fabricator as the Bethlehem Steel Company, 1939.  The three-span continuous Warren Thru Truss along with thirteen concrete deck girder approach spans has a total length of 983.3 feet.  The out-to-out width of the structure is 55 feet.

National Register Eligibility
The bridge is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion C as a good example of a mid-twentieth century truss bridge designed by the state Highway Department and Public Works.

Status of the Bridge
The Lewallen Memorial Bridge is currently owned by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and is scheduled to be replaced on new alignment, adjacent to the historic structure.

If a qualified recipient is not found that is willing to take all liability and maintenance on the bridge, it will be demolished as part of the bridge replacement project.  Demolition of a historic structure is an adverse effect and Programmatic Section 4(f) use.  Offering the bridge to a qualified recipient fulfills federal requirements.

More Information - Offering Package (pdf)

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