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      JUNE 20, 2008 LETTING
Notice to Contractors Audio Broadcast of Bid Letting and Bidders List
Instructions to Bidders Apparent Low Bids
Estimated Quantities Contract Awards
Plans Order Form Summary of Bids (Bidtabs)
DBE Interested Parties List  
CNG916- Chattanooga Smartway ITS Project Details  

Call No.


Proposal Contract Expedite Files SWPPP Plans
001 Davidson CNG912 Bid File    
002 Knox CNG911 Bid File   HSIP-33(72)
003 Sevier CNG913 Bid File    
004 Sullivan CNG914 Bid File    
005 Warren CNG915 Bid File    
006 Anderson CNG150 Bid File    
007 Bedford CNG195 Bid File    
008 Benton, Carroll, Etc. CNG201 Bid File    
009 Bradley & Meigs CNG162 Bid File    
010 Campbell CNG202 Bid File    
011 Campbell CNG175 Bid File    
012 Campbell & Anderson CNG166 Bid File   HSIP-71(18)
013 Carroll CNG188 Bid File    09009-4233-04


015 Coffee CNG163 Bid File SWPPP  
016 Cumberland & Fentress CNG156 Bid File    
017 Davidson CNG196 Bid File    HSIP-NHE-155(21)
018 Davidson CNG200 Bid File    
019 Decatur CNG197 Bid File   HSIP-20(44)
020 Dickson CNG168 Bid File   22004-4243-04
021 Dyer CNG169 Bid File   HSIP-NHE-3(106)
022 Fayette, Dyer & Crockett CNG151 Bid File    
023 Gibson CNG198 Bid File   27018-4218-04
024 Grainger CNG153 Bid File   HSIP-375(4)
025 Grainger CNG073 Bid File    
026 Greene CNG203 Bid File   HSIP-35(41)
027 Hamblen & Jefferson CNG154 Bid File   HSIP-341(6)
028 Hardeman CNG088 Bid File   35009-4242-04
029 Hardin CNG170 Bid File SWPPP  
030 Henderson CNG167 Bid File   IME-40-2(86)
031 Henderson CNG125 Bid File SWPPP  
032 Hickman CNG098 Bid File    
033 Hickman CNG182 Bid File   HSIP-50(36)
034 Jackson CNG165 Bid File    
035 Jefferson CNG178 Bid File   HSIP-363(1)
036 Johnson CNG081 Bid File    
037 Knox CNG105 Bid File    
038 Lauderdale CNG177 Bid File   HSIP-NHE-3(105)
039 Lauderdale & Tipton CNG179 Bid File   49006-4233-04
040 Lewis CNG185 Bid File    
041 Marion CNG157 Bid File    
042 Maury CNG192 Bid File    
043 Monroe CNG159 Bid File   HSIP-307(13)
044 Montgomery & Houston CNG193 Bid File   HSIP-235(2)
045 Obion CNG180 Bid File    
046 Overton & Pickett CNG164 Bid File    
047 Polk CNG160 Bid File SWPPP  
048 Putnam & Overton CNG158 Bid File SWPPP  
049 Rutherford CNG194 Bid File    
050 Rutherford CNG191 Bid File    
051 Scott CNG161 Bid File   HSIP-NHE-29(67)
052 Sevier CNG204 Bid File    
053 Shelby CNG183 Bid File    
054 Shelby CNG172 Bid File   79012-4207-04
055 Sumner CNG189 Bid File   HSIP-76(56)
056 Sumner CNG181 Bid File SWPPP  
057 Warren CNG171 Bid File    
058 Wayne CNG174 Bid File    
059 White CNG155 Bid File    
060 Wilson CNG184 Bid File    
061 Wilson CNG101 Bid File SWPPP  

The files presented here are FOR INFORMATION ONLY.  If the information in these files should differ from the information in the printed Proposal and Plans furnished by the Department, then the printed Proposals and Plans will govern.  The estimated quantities and Expedite files on this page are for information only.  The estimated quantities file above in PDF is posted at the time of advertisement and contains estimated quantities for all contracts in the current letting.  This file is NOT updated as revisions occur.  The Trns*port Expedite files contain estimated quantities for each individual contract.  Amendments will be posted as they occur.

Bids will be accepted only through Bid Express online bidding or on the bid disk issued by the Tennessee Department of Transportation to prequalified bidders.  Any change to the bid disk, except as authorized by the Department, may result in rejection of the bid.

With the exception of the Expedite files, all files on this page are in  Portable Document Format (PDF).  If you have difficulty accessing any material on this site, please contact us at (615)741-2414 and we will work with you to make the information available.  Proposal Contracts are sized for 8-1/2" x 11" paper.  Plans are sized for 11" x 17" or 8-1/2" x 14" paper.  CAUTION: The files on this page may not include revisions made after advertisement.