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Concord Road Widening
(Williamson and Davidson Counties)

Project Description

Concord Road Widening and crayfish

The widening of S.R. 253 (Concord Road) from Sunset Road to U.S. 31A/41A (S.R. 11, Nolensville Road) will result in two 12-foot lanes, plus a 12-foot continuous turn lane and a 10-foot multi-purpose bike and walking path. The $13.5 million project will also straighten out the curve near the Mill Creek Bridge. There will also be a concrete I-beam bridge and box beam bridge built over Mill Creek and Owl Creek

Due to the endangered Nashville crayfish species living in the two creeks, there are seasonal restrictions on in-stream construction. TDOT and its contractors will not work in flowing waters from October 1st through May 30th, to ensure that reproductive activities of the crayfish are not affected by construction. You can read more about the crayfish in the section on Nashville crayfish or watch our video.

The Project Length is 2.274 miles and is estimated to be completed in the fall of 2016.

Project Timeline

Design Public Meeting October 24, 2006
Approval of Final Environmental Document March 8, 2007
Appraisals and Acquisitions July 2013
Construction began Underway since fall of 2013
Estimated Completion Date September 2016

Project Contacts

Red Jordan
TDOT Project Manager
Lori Lange
TDOT Director of Project Development