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Construction Management Development Program & Bond Guarantee Program


The Construction Management Development Program (CMDP) and Bond Guarantee Program (BGP) were designed to provide assistance to qualified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) looking to bid and work on TDOT projects. The CMDP and BGP provide training and support to DBEs to enhance essential project and business management skills to successfully bid, perform, and complete state transportation construction contracts. Both programs are funded by the Tennessee Department of Transportation and are administered by TDOT's Civil Rights Office Small Business Development Program and its Supportive Services staff.

The Construction Management Development Program aims to assist participants in the development of construction and business management skills through classroom training, on-the-job training, technical assistance and counseling. TDOT's Supportive Services contractor provides educational support programs, communication and materials regarding contracting and/or subcontracting opportunities to assist TDOT-certified DBEs. Applicants enrolled in the CMDP Program do not have to continue into the Bond Guarantee Program unless bonding assistance is needed and they have met the requirements for that program.

The Bond Guarantee Program is offered to qualified DBEs who have been denied a surety bond within the previous twelve (12) months and have successfully completed, or been granted an exemption from, the CMDP Program. Bond guarantees allow these businesses to compete for TDOT projects by significantly reducing the risk assumed by surety companies, who in turn provide assurance that the work will be completed. Note: some small businesses may also qualify for the bond guarantee program, even if not owned by a disadvantaged individual. Please contact the department for more information.

Our Mission
The mission of the Construction Management Development Program and Bond Guarantee Program is to assist DBEs in developing sound construction and business management skills, as well as to gain the maximum opportunity to bid, participate and perform successfully statewide on TDOT contracts.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of the Construction Management Development Program and Bond Guarantee Program is to promote the bidding and bonding of DBEs on Tennessee Department of Transportation funded contracts by providing counseling, training and financial support. To achieve this goal, the program has instituted the following objectives:

  • Provide DBEs with training and instruction for the development of construction and business management knowledge.
  • Provide DBEs with consultation for the enhancement of construction and business management skills through classroom instruction and on-the-job training.
  • Provide financial counseling and bonding assistance to those DBEs who fail to meet the minimum standards set by traditional surety bonding companies.

Contact Us

If you would like additional information on the services offered by the CMDP or BGP, please contact us at the address below:

Bond Guarantee Program
TDOT Civil Rights Office
505 Deaderick Street, Suite 1800
Nashville, TN 37243

Phone: 615.741.3681
Fax: 615.741.3169
Toll-Free: 888.370.3647

Construction Management Development Program
Tyler Construction Engineers, P.C.
810 Dominican Drive, 3rd Floor        
Nashville, TN 37228

Phone: 888.385.9022
Fax: 615.469.7054
Toll Free: 888.385.9022