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TDOT Biofuel Program

TDOT Plays Key Role in Governor’s Alternative Fuel Initiativebiofuel logo

Tennessee is dedicated to the protection of our natural resources, our environment, our economy and the health of Tennessee’s citizens. That commitment includes a focus on promoting the efficient use of natural resources, including renewable alternative fuels, such as biodiesel and ethanol (“biofuels”), made from agricultural products.

To develop a comprehensive state alternative fuels strategy for the production, distribution and use of biofuels, on February 2006, Gov. Bredesen issued an Executive Order establishing the Alternative Fuels Working Group consisting of the following six members or their designees:

Commissioner of Agriculture
Commissioner of Economic and Community Development
Commissioner of Environment and Conservation
Commissioner of General Services
Commissioner of Health
Commissioner of Transportation

Executive Order 33 charges the Tennessee Department of Transportation to continue the department’s efforts to encourage the development of publicly accessible biofuels refueling stations at strategically located retail fuel stations and farm co-ops across the state.

Through the Biofuel Green Island Corridor Grant Project (Refueling Infrastructure Project), TDOT is offering competitive funding opportunities to retail fuel station owners and farmer co-ops interested in promoting and selling these renewable, domestically produced biofuels.

Through this program, retailers will work in partnership with the state to convert or install fuel storage tanks and dispensing equipment for biodiesel (B20) and fuel ethanol (E85) for sale to the public.