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Relocated Alcoa Highway: SR 115 (U.S. 129) - Blount County

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the process of purchasing rights-of-way begin?
A: The project is currently in the environmental stages, so no right-of-way activities are underway yet. For more information, consult the Project Schedule page.

Q: When will actual construction begin?
A: A construction schedule has not yet been determined. It will not occur until after public hearings are held, and environmental requirements are completed. For more information, consult the Project Schedule page.

Q: Will all three sections be constructed at the same time?
A: Probably not. Sequencing of the projects has not yet been determined.

Q: Can I hire my own appraiser to evaluate the value of my property?
A: Yes, but the property owner must bear the cost of any such evaluation.

Q: If my home or business is taken by the new construction, does TDOT assist me in relocating?
A: Yes. Click here for details of the relocation process.

Q: I have seen surveyors working in my neighborhood. Are they marking the road centerline?
A: Not necessarily. Surveyors mark points for a variety of reasons, including centerline location, but also for property and right of way surveys and temporary control points.

Q: Where can I view the Environmental Document?
A: The Environmental Assessment can be reviewed at these locations:

Blount County Chamber of Commerce
201 S. Washington Street
Maryville, TN. 37804

City of Alcoa
223 Associates Boulevard
Alcoa, TN 37701-1948