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Public Accessibility Office

Architectural Survey Report
TDOT's architectural surveys were performed by two consulting firms working in conjunction with TDOT's ADA/504 Public Accessibility Office and maintenance staff. All TDOT-owned facilities were surveyed using ADAAG 28CFR Part 36 as the standard, with the surveys performed by the consultants. The resulting checklist addresses areas of compliance and non-compliance with ADAAG in the areas of parking, exterior path of travel, entrances, and interior path of travel, restrooms, service counters and meeting rooms.

Because most of the transportation buildings were built in the 1950s and 1960s, many facilities had some areas of noncompliance. This varied in degree of severity. A summary of each survey has been prepared. The summaries and checklists are being used by TDOT Maintenance Division to determine barrier removal and to prioritize complete facility replacement. Assessments can be viewed as part of the Transition Plan.

Over 140 employees have received extensive ADAAG training to ensure that modifications to buildings were done correctly and that facilities remained barrier free.

Standard language was reviewed for contracts and RFP's that requires designers and contractors doing work for TDOT to ensure that work will be done in compliance with the ADA/504. Plans review and site inspections for ADA/504 compliance will be prepared before TDOT can award payment. View the Tennessee Department of Transportation ADA/504 Compliance Assessment Form (PDF).


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