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State Route 16 (U.S. 41-A)

Proposed Design

See highlighted section below for descriptions and updates.

A map of the project.

  64 East of Shelbyville to SR 276 – Bedford County

Project Description:

This section of S.R. 16 will begin by widening the route from 2-12’ lanes to 5-12’ lanes from just west of S.R. 64 to the Duck River bridge and beyond to Jenkins Road. After Jenkins Road, the road will transition from 5-lanes to a 4-lane divided highway with a 48’ grass median to the project limits at S.R. 276. The right-of-way width will vary starting with a minimum 104’ for the 5-lane section to variable widths for the divided road.
SR 276 to West of Magnolia Lane – Bedford and Moore Counties (this section has been divided into two new segments for the purpose of funding for construction – see project time line).  The proposed design will remain the same.

Project Description:

At S.R. 276, the divided highway will continue beyond Shipman’s Creek Road and begin transitioning to 5-12’ lanes with an additional truck climbing lane at some locations. This design will run to the project limits at just west of Magnolia Lane. The Right-of-Way width will vary throughout this project section.
Magnolia Lane to North Washington St. in Tullahoma – Moore and Coffee Counties

Project Description:

From the Moore/Coffee County line, the route will be 5-12’ lanes into Tullahoma