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State Route 16 (U.S. 41-A)

Project Description

This is an overhead view of the project.
Looking east on SR 16 at SR 64 Intersection.

The project encompasses the improvement of approximately 12 miles of S.R. 16 (U.S. 41-A) between S.R. 64 in Shelbyville and the Tullahoma City Limits.  An existing principal arterial route, “Highway 41-A” connects Shelbyville in Bedford County, Tullahoma in Coffee County and Winchester in Franklin County.  Upon request from local elected officials, The Tennessee Department of Transportation agreed to study the existing route for possible operating deficiencies.  When the study was completed in May of 1996 and documented in an Advanced Planning Report, the twenty (20) year traffic projections were applied to the existing route conditions.  It was determined that if the route were not improved, a projected increase in traffic congestion and accidents would occur and overall safety would be impaired.  The department recommended increasing the number of lanes; increasing lane, structure and shoulder widths; and improving the route deficiencies.

The remaining section to be built is from State Route 64 east of Shelbyville to State Route 276.  This 5 plus mile section will be divided into two sections for construction:

State Route 64 to Jenkins Road
Jenkins Road to State Route 276  

Both sections are not programmed for construction at this time. 

Project Design & Timeline

Transportation projects are developed in four phases: Planning and Environmental, Design, Right-of-Way and Construction. The following is a reflection of various aspects of these phases as they have occurred or will occur on the improvement of the three (3) sections of S.R. 16 under development:
Project Schedule for section from SR 64 to SR 276 (not currently programmed for construction)
Property Acquisitions and Relocations Completed February 15, 2011
SR 64 to Jenkins Road Not programmed for construction
Jenkins Road to SR 276 Not programmed for construction

Project Contact

Mr. Darrell K. Moore
Project Management Division
TDOT Headquarters
James K. Polk Building, Suite 600
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615.532.3180