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State Route 62 - Western Avenue Improvement Project (From Schaad Road to Copper Kettle Road)

State Route 62 Knox County - Western Avenue

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the speed limit through the construction zone?
A: The speed limit in the construction zone is 40 MPH. The Knoxville Police Department will be monitoring traffic through the project.

Q: How many lanes of traffic will be maintained during construction?
Two lanes of traffic (1 in each direction) will be maintained during construction.  Temporary lane closures are necessary to complete the project.   However, when lane closures are required they will be scheduled during off peak travel times.

Q: What is the cost of the project?

Q: How long is it expected to take?
Approximately 3 years

  • Date let to contract: 12/10/10
  • Contract completion date: 12/31/15

Q: How much right-of-way is needed?
The project's right of way width varies due to ROW slopes (cuts and fills). Minimum ROW width for this type facility is 104 feet. This consists of four 12-foot lanes (two in each direction), one middle left turn lane, 12-feet in width, 10-foot outside shoulders, two and a half foot curb and gutter on each side, and a 5-foot wide sidewalk.

Q: Will there be work on both sides of the road or only one?
Utilities and roadway construction will occur on both sides of the existing roadway.

Q: How long is the stretch of road for the construction?
3.925 miles

Q: Was it necessary to condemn any tracts for this project?
There were 5 tracts condemned out of 167 total tracts or 3%. The State average on condemnations is between 10-13%. So, in terms of averages, the condemnations were held to a minimum.

Q: Is anything else being done to other areas outside project limits of SR-62
 Yes.  While the project focuses on the widening of SR-62, many of the roads adjacent to SR-62 will be realigned to provide a better connection to the newly widened SR-62.  The following is a list of roads that will be affected in some way by the project:

  • Summerfield - Realign to perpendicular intersection to SR-62.
  • Beaver Ridge - Realign to perpendicular intersection to SR-62.
  • Woodsmith - Realign to perpendicular intersection to SR-62.
  • West Ball Camp - Becomes a cul-de-sac with no tie to SR-62.
  • Nickel Road - Realign to perpendicular intersection to SR-62.
  • John May Road - Realign to perpendicular intersection to SR-62.
  • Matlock Road - New tie to SR-62.East Ball Camp - Will not tie to SR-62, but will intersect with Dewine Road.
  • Sullivan Road - Realign to perpendicular intersection to SR-62.
  • 3rd Creek Road - Realign to perpendicular intersection to SR-62.
  • Ball Camp Pike North - Realign to perpendicular intersection to SR-62.

Q: Will street lighting be maintained throughout the project duration?
The light poles will need to come down for utility and roadway construction purposes. As roadway construction progresses, new light poles will replace the existing for illumination of the roadway. Not all street lights will be removed because some that on existing power poles with other utility lines involved. The majority, however, will be removed throughout the project with the exception of the area around businesses on the eastern end of the project (Copper Kettle Road).

Q: What about relocation of utilities?
 Utilities contractors are currently mobilizing onto the project.  Utilities involved in the project are:

  • KUB Electric, Gas, Water and Sewer
  • AT&T underground
  • TVA
  • AT&T aerial facilities
  • Iris Networks
  • Knology
  • Verizon
  • Comcast

Q: Some of this area is commercial. What has been the reaction of businesses to the project?
Impacted property owners comments have been overwhelming positive. A consensus of opinion from the property owners is that they recognize the need to address the capacity issues and to improve the safety by correcting the horizontal and vertical geometrics of the alignment along with the side streets tying into SR-62.

Q: What is the Average Daily Traffic (ADT) within this stretch of State Route 62?
ADT (2011) – 22,950.  Projected ADT (2031) – 41,320