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State Route 62 - Western Avenue Improvement Project (From Schaad Road to Copper Kettle Road)

State Route 62 Knox County - Western Avenue

Improving State Route 62 Facts

The State Route 62 widening project is funded 100% state funds.

The project will widen State Route 62 from 2 lanes to 4 lanes (2 lanes in each direction) from Schaad Road to Copper Kettle Road.

Total Project Length: 
Estimated Completion Date:
Estimated Cost:
Contract Awarded:
Work Began
3.925 miles
December 31, 2015
December 10, 2010
February 10, 2011

Materials Placed on Site to Date  
Cubic yards of dirt moved: 
Tons Base Stone:  99,471
Tons of Asphalt:   55,390
Cubic Yards of Concrete:  5,300
Feet of new storm drain pipe installed: 23,500
Square feet of Sidewalk constructed:  41,213

Contract Personnel on the Project

Construction Management and Inspection provided by Vaughn & Melton (Roadway) and Gresham Smith & Partners (Utilities)

Prime Contractor: 
APAC-Atlantic, Inc.
Wooten & Associates (Construction Staking
Bell & Associates, L.P. (Concrete Boxes and Retaining Walls)
Dillard Smith (Electrical Lines)
Progression Electric, Inc. (Lighting & Signalization)
Tom Arnold Construction Company, Inc. (Under drain)
Pipeline Construction Company, Inc. (Water & Gas Lines)
Mayes Construction Company (Sewer Lines)
Volunteer Highway Supply Co., Inc. (Striping)
Tennessee Guardrail, Inc. (Guardrail)
Shular Brackins & Sons, Inc. (Erosion Control Items)
Linginfelter Landscaping, Inc. (Landscaping)
Caution, Inc.(Permanent Signs)
Superior Traffic Control (Construction Signs)
Star Construction Company (Telephone)

Project Videos

TDOT Chief Engineer Paul Degges discusses environmental processes
the department uses featuring the SR-62 project in Knoxville.