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I-40 Bridge over the French Broad River in Jefferson County

Re-decking and Rehabilitation

Proposed Description

The main scope of work for this project consists of the following: Photos of I-40 Bridge over French Broad River.

  • Isolating and repairing structural members of the truss
  • Replacing the existing rivets with high strength bolts
  • Retrofitting the truss joints for seismic loading
  • Replacement of the existing concrete deck with a lightweight concrete deck


Using a lightweight concrete deck will reduce the loading on the bridge by over 2,500 tons thus greatly increasing the load capacity of the bridge allowing for a new life expectancy of 30-40 more years.  The sequence of construction activities are specific. The traffic control plan is: Photo of I-40 Bridge over French Broad River.

  1. Reduce I-40 to one lane in each direction after the bulk of the repair work begins.
  2. The first phase of traffic control will shift traffic to the inside while work begins on the outside portions of the bridge. 
  3. The second phase will shift traffic to the outside while work begins on the inside.
  4. Due to the design of this bridge in 1960, work can only be done on one side at a time to ensure the safety of the motoring public during construction. It will lengthen the schedule of the project.