For immediate release
December 12, 2008
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The Tennessee Department of Transportation has selected the following firms to provide professional services for the following items as described in the August 3, 2008 Advertisement:

Item No. 1:   On-Call Contracts for Engineering Services.  To develop new or revise existing roadway design criteria consistent with Federal and State programs and objectives for a two (2)-year duration.

CTE (Consoer Townsend Envirodyne)

R. W. Armstrong

Item No. 2:   On-Call Contracts for Engineering Design Services. For program management purposes, selected firm(s) may be issued work orders for engineering tasks (e.g., State Industrial Access Projects) over a two(2)-year period.  May include field surveys, design and other engineering services for roadway design projects of limited scope and duration (e.g., SIA Projects).  Services may also include technical studies of drainage concerns and proposed drainage improvements. 

Cannon & Cannon Inc.

HMB Professional Engineers Inc.

Khafra Engineering Consultants Inc.

Robert G. Campbell & Associates LP

THY Inc.

TRC Worldwide Engineering Inc.